About Us

Get To Know Second Presbyterian Child Care Center
  • Our History

    In 1971 Second Presbyterian Church appointed a task force to explore the possibility of developing a child care center in downtown Richmond.

    After a survey in March 1973 of the downtown working population, a legitimate need was evident, and it was recommended that a non profit center be organized.  The task force said, “Children need a place where they will be safe, secure and happy; they need opportunities to learn to relate to other children and to adults.  Children need opportunities for continued growth and development through a varied and stimulating program. Hundreds of children in Richmond will spend 8 to 10 hours a day in some sort of child care and what happens to them is the concern of all of us.  This center is an attempt to begin saying in a concrete way, ‘WE CARE’.”

    The child care center is supported in part by funds made possible through the mission budget of Second Presbyterian Church; in addition the church provides all utilities at no charge to the center.

    "There is nothing else like this program in this area, in its racial and cultural mix, and its philosophy. It's the only place I've found where my child is honored for who he is, not how he behaves and what he knows or can do." -- Parent of Second Presbyterian Child
  • Our Philosophy

    Second Presbyterian Child Care Center is a center that understands that learning takes place all around us, all day long. Though there are times of teacher directed instruction, we believe that most learning happens naturally as children explore the world around them.

    We understand that young children learn by doing, touching, experimenting, choosing, talking, and negotiating. Their learning does not start and stop at the door of our center.  The world and life experience are exceptional teachers that we value and never underestimate here. 

    At 2PCCC, we encourage children to engage in learning within their own age and developmentally appropriate group, but also through engaging children who are older or younger. To that end there are periods in our day dedicated to “family time” when siblings and “surrogate siblings” can interact with each other.

    Our staff prides itself in viewing each child as an individual; unique and beautifully made. We encourage the children to make choices and to be willing to accept the consequences of those choices. Our children are also encouraged to express their feelings and find positive methods to resolve conflict.

    Living in a multi-cultural society, we attempt to build a center where differences in race, religion and gender are appreciated and are taken as opportunities to learn more about those who live in our community.

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